Power Up – How Nintendo Owns 5/10 Top Ten Video Game Consoles Ever Made and Sold

Sure there is Microsoft and Sony as well as the PC game makers but its hard to argue that over the course of history that Nintendo does not hold the title of best video game console maker. Do you remember the first ever video game console you ever purchased? Well we do and it just so happens that this video game system was not only invented and created by Nintendo but it happens to make the top ten selling video game systems of all time. When it comes to video game console making Nintendo rules the roost boasting five out of the top ten best selling game consoles of all time. Lets take a look at the list and the numbers in the infographic and reminisce on some of the great game consoles of Nintendo's past.

Top Nintendo Video Game Console #1: Nintendo DS 2004 (153.86 Million)

The name DS stands for "Developers' System" or "Dual Screen" and it was the first hand held video game console to showcase dual LCD screens. The number one Nintendo game console of all time the DS was a great foreshadow into the popularity of mobile technology. Ever have a Nintendo DS? What was your favorite game? One of our favorites was “Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem!”

Top Nintendo Video Game Console #2: Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Color 1989 and 1998 (118.69 Million)

Not that surprising to see the number two selling Nintendo game console be another hand held, the Game Boy was really the first hand held video game system (there was the Game & Watch series introduced in 1980 but we don't count that) to change the way we view mobile gaming. Really the forefather to innovations like the smartphone and tablet the Game Boy was really the first travel friendly multi faceted entertainment system. So many great titles on this one like old goodies such as Castlevania: The Adventure.

Top Nintendo Video Game Console #3: Nintendo Wii 2006 (95.56 Million)

The history of Nintendo's game consoles really highlight just how forward thinking the company is as we see the Wii at number three which mainly highlights the power of wireless and motion based gaming technology. One of Nintendo's most recent game console releases we have to think the Wii has a strong chance of growing in sales. The Wii has all kinds of cool add ons like the Nunchuk attachment. Lots of awesome games to choose from for the Wii like “Super Mario All-Stars”.

Top Nintendo Video Game Console #4: Nintendo Game Boy Advance 2001 (81.51 Million)

Pretty amazing to see three out of the top five selling game consoles for Nintendo were all in the hand held niche. Even as long as fifteen plus years ago it was becoming very clear that demand for mobile technology was on the rise and Nintendo products were great evidence of that. The Game Boy Advance was one of the first game consoles that showed signs of taking mobile technology to the next level. Who can forget the GBA TV Tuner. This was one of the first time we experienced true media on the go and started to get a feel for what would become the things like the iPad and iPhones of today.

Top Nintendo Video Game Console #5: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) 1983 (61.97 Million)

Really the game console that started it all the original Nintendo Entertainment System just barely makes onto the list as the number ten best selling video game console of all time and comes at number on the strictly Nintendo list. We always thought it would be really cool to re-release the NES just for old time and nostalgia sake. How many units do you think they would sell? A lot of great memories were had with the NES and truly was the launching pad for many great things that were Nintendo.