The Hana Fuda Times – The Reason Why We Love Video Games So Much

Ever since the first Nintendo was released we have been hooked not only on video games but the actual brand itself. Who can forget their first time playing classic games like Super Mario Brothers, Mike Tyson Punch Out and Excitebike, Contra and the list really goes on and on for old Nintendo hits. Even now with such game cult followings like Super Smash Brothers, Mario Party and everything Wii related Nintendo has never stopped taking gaming to the next level. At the The Hana Fuda Times we want to take that same enthusiasm, passion and excitement that Nintendo has created the world over and capture it all in first class content, media and insights. From podcasts, to reviews, to live steaming to everything and anything in between Nintendo video game related we want to cover. We want to become the one stop shop for all things Nintendo. Regardless if you are reading articles and watching video content, interacting with friends on the forum or buying / selling / trading video games in the marketplace we want to build a community of Nintendo lovers just like us. Looking for the next level in Nintendo news and content? Look no further and join us now!

Old Nintendo, New Nintendo Were Here To The End Though

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